Pygmy Possum Banksia Flower

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This beautiful lampshade was made using a drill fabric.

Hand made in Australia.

Lampshade only, lightbulb and lampbase not included.

Mountain Pygmy possums are a critically endangered species.
Once thought to be extinct, they can only be found in small areas of the Snowy Mountain.
A new research project looking into the secret lives of this tiny species which are just under 8cm:s long.
Banksia Flower .
Lampshade is in a fawn colour background with Pygmy possums, green foliage, little white flowers , with little red berries.

Great for a Native nursery.


Metal white wire and Anti flame retardant PVC used.

Featuring a E27 (40mm) Utility ring with  a E14 (27mm) reducer.
Rise 3.5cm Rise.


Fitting standard

-  Australia
-New Zealand


-European lamp

SKU: 10000-23-3

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